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Sunday, March 28, 2021

What's $50,000 between friends?

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A sense of FOMO — fear of missing out — continues to be a major factor in spurring housing markets across the country, as buyer demand well outweighs available housing supply. We are just a few days shy of the end of the first quarter and so far this year the five capital cities have managed a strong overall gain of 4.7%.

Relative to its adjoining properties - after all, everything is relative - "Riverbend", in my opinion, has always been a bargain. Judging by the increase in inquiries in recent weeks, others seem to think so, too. To stop it from becoming a total give-away, I upped the price by $50,000.


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An aerial view of just one-third of Riverbend's seven acres
A = Main House, B = Guest Cottage, C = Workshop/Laundry/Carport,
D = "Pizza Hut", E = "Horseshed", F = "Clubhouse", G = Library
1 sold for $950,000; 2 sold for $750,000; 3 sold for $750,000; 4 sold for $1,700,000


So, if you are ready for a tree- and seachange to a place where a stranger says good morning to you, where you have real grass to walk on, and where you kiss your kids goodnight without dead-bolting their windows before you leave the room, make me an offer I can't refuse.

Just make sure you add the extra $50,000!

Googlemap Riverbend