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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Phew!!! That was a close one!

Watch Colin Wiggins giving an in-depth talk on John Constable's 'The Hay Wain' on YouTube


Back from town! Of course, we also visited my favourite op-shop where I spotted this old master from around 1821. I mean, isn't this what all op-shoppers live for? To find some old painting, in this case the famous "Hay Wain" by the English landscape painter John Constable, and all for the price of a Chinese sweet-and-sour pork?

I already had my arms full of books and several DVDs, so I asked Padma to carry it for me to the cash register which was lucky as it gave her a chance to take a really good look at it and to ask me, "Did they really have McDonald's in England in the 1820s?" Phew!!! That was a close one!

Anyway, we came away with the eight-hour miniseries "The Honourable Woman" as well as "The Night Manager" which runs for another 346 minutes. Enough binge-watching to last us for the rest of the week!

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