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Friday, January 20, 2023

The Lucky Country


Everyone has read "The Lucky Country"; I mean, I had read it even before I'd become an Australian in 1971 in the wilds of New Guinea - although perhaps I shouldn't be so sure, as I've just found out today that none of the lifeguards at the pool had ever heard of the Australian movie "The Castle".



Adding to "The Lucky Country", I picked up today Donald Horne's trilogy "The Education of Young Donald" - all 800 pages of it!; a copy of "Sydney - A Biography" by Louis Nowra; Jeremy Paxman's "The English - A Portrait of a People"; "Freakonomics" by Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J Dubner; and Robin Waterfield's "Why Socrates Died - Dispelling the Myths". Enough reading to keep me in "Melbourne" for the whole weekend!

Having watched "Deception" last night - no, not this one - which is the story of a lonely timid accountant who lives only for his work, I thought I find out what I missed out on by watching "The Accountant" tonight:



And that should be it! I just hope it rains all weekend so I won't have to feel guilty about not cutting the grass which is growing out of control!

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