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Saturday, January 2, 2010

The dogs bark but the caravan moves on

My neighbours downriver have just parked on their foreshore a caravan which is an almost exact look-alike of the van in which I started my Australian working-holiday in 1979.

I had just returned to Australia from my latest two overseas assignments in Malaysia and Samoa and had tried unsuccessfully to settle into a 'normal' life in Canberra.

I had had enough of suburbia and a 'normal' life by the time the Australian winter set in when I jumped into my van to head for warmer climes.

First stop was Sydney (with a quick dash up to Mornington Island to attend a job interview), after which I spent five months in Mt. Isa, another 2½ months in Mackay, and six months in Brisbane. Christmas 1980 saw me again for three weeks in Bougainville in New Guinea after which came stops in Sydney, Melbourne, and finally Townsville where I spent almost nine months.

Work was easy to find as I had my tax agent's lisence and could earn good money by doing other people's tax returns.

But even this phase in my life lost its attractions by the end of 1981 and I moved once again overseas: at first back to New Guinea and then to Saudi Arabia and Greece.