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Thursday, January 28, 2010


After Grocery Watch and Fuel Watch, the all-spin-and-no-substance Rudd government has given the grateful Australian populace School Watch, or, as they call it, www.myschool.edu.au. As the website explains, "By providing extensive information on Australian schools, the My School website introduces a new level of transparency and accountability to the Australian school system."

May I make a suggestion? Grocery Watch was a joke; Fuel Watch was a waste of time. What this country needs is greater transparency and accountability of our politicians! What this country needs is a website called MyPolly.gov.au which will give full, unabridged personal and professional - "professional"? are you kidding me? - details of our politicians to allow us to grade them from "bloody useless" to "several sandwiches short of a picnic" instead of having to rely on all those staged photo opportunities on the evening news.

And while we are at it, could we also list the IQ of those gormless nodding heads they now invariably place behind every politician speaking on camera? And deport the d@#*head who started this craze!

Come on, Ruddy, I dare you!