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Friday, January 29, 2010

Romulus, My Father

Another well-put-together Australian movie based on the biographical memoir, first published in 1998, by Australian philosopher Raimond Gaita, which outlines the life of his father, Romulus Gaita, who fled his home in his native Yugoslavia in 1935 at the age of 28, and emigrated to Australia on an assisted passage in 1950 with his young wife Christine and their four-year-old son Raimond soon after the end of World War II. Romulus and his family were transferred to Bonegilla, a migrant reception and clearing camp near Wodonga. Romulus was then sent to Baringhup on the Loddon River, where he met two Romanian brothers Pantelimon (known as Hora) and Demitru (known as Mitru). The Gaitas later moved to a farmhouse called Frogmore where they lived for the next ten years, and where Raimond spent much of his childhood.

The story details the struggle of many immigrants during and after the Second World War, and how these adversities were faced and sometimes overcome. It portrays the never dwindling love of Romulus for his son Raimond, in spite of the challenges of being abandoned by his wife and the confusion caused by his mental illness.