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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Another Chris


Another Chris, a mover and shaker from my commodity-trading days in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, asked me to join him on Linkedin.com. He had tracked me down a couple of years ago and we've been exchanging the occasional email ever since.

Chris relocated from England to Switzerland to join the Swiss Navy but failed the yodel test. He's now back in his old trade, selling all sorts of commodities, ranging from grains to Swiss cuckoo clocks, chocolates and army knives. Speaking of which, his charming wife inspired him to come up with this new design.

Thanks for the invite, Chris! I used to wear a wrist-watch like yours but took it off when they refused to give me the Pensioner's Discount on my meals at the local bowling club.

Here's a joke to tell your kids about your trips to Jeddah, Chris:
"A very handsome camel with two humps met and fell in love with a pretty lady camel with one hump. They were eventually blessed with a dear little camel with no hump at all. What did they call him? HUMPFREE"     I thought you might like it! ☺

I've sent a copy of this blog to Suhail Abdul Hameed Mofarrij, son of Abdul Hameed, Abdul Ghani's brother. He may order a cuckoo clock.

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