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Thursday, November 22, 2012



My last blog From Left to Right really got the wind-in-the-willows up an old Canadian friend from my days in Bougainville. He promptly folded away his ironing board and took off enough time from his domestic chores to rummage through his attic to locate the one and only book he's ever owned and read (well, the cover anyway).

Having established beyong any doubt that The Wind in the Willows has its title printed along its spine from top to bottom, he felt emboldened enough to pronounce this theory:

"The reason for the book spines to be printed in this fashion is because the Germans determined that anyone living below the equator would be looking up and would therefore be able to read the titles with ease. Do I have to tell you everything? Englishmen look down on everyone and it follows that their book titles would be a reflection of that unfortunate genetic mutation."

Thanks, Chris! It proves you can take the man out of Bougainville but you can't take Bougainville out of the man. Still as pissed as ever! ☺