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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fencing off the Creatures from the Black Lagoon


Riverbend is flanked on one side (and at the bottom) by the Clyde River and on the other side by a lagoon.

The lagoon is not only the nesting place for several pelicans and many kinds of water birds but also frequented by strange creatures which are best kept behind a fence.

My trusty helper Troy and I spent all day today erecting a new barbed-wire fence on the lagoon side. Contrary to popular belief, barbed wire was not invented by the Germans (although they found plenty of uses for it). According to Wikipedia, it was invented by an American.

Of course, when we started at 7 o'clock this morning we didn't know it was going to be one of the hottest day on record with temperatures well into the high 30s.

The heat slowed us down a bit but all the fencing should be done by tomorrow afternoon.


The young man from the Northern Territory came running into the store and said to his mate, “Johnno, somebody just stole your ute from the parking lot!”

Johnno replied, “Did ya see who it was?”

The young man answered, “I couldn’t tell, but I got the license number.”