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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Fed up


I'm fed up today. Not depressed, that's too dramatic a word to describe my mood, just fed up. The weather is not helping; it's one of those gloomy days, still and grey. The air is damp, though it isn't raining - yet.

It was even damper inside the indoor pool; in fact, the water was downright wet! I did my laps, and when I came out to the carpark, I discovered this little beauty: a Mini Minor shaggin' wagon from the 60s.

Australia's population increased from around ten million at the beginning of the 60s to twelve-and-a-half million by 1970. Just under half of this increase was due to immigration; the other half-and-a-bit, an annual 1.3%, was due to what is called 'natural increase'.

This annual increase of 1.3% has been falling ever since, to 1.0% in the 70s, 0.9% in the 80s, and 0.7% in the 90s. Methinks, what Australia needs is a new model shaggin' wagon!

I seem to have lost my train of thought ... Anyway, look, forget I ever wrote this thing about feeling depressed. I mean, I am in reasonable health, I live in a peaceful country with electricity, clean water and food, and even my wife is only a moderate whinger. I feel I am showered with blessings and full of optimism.