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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

There and Back! - Part 3

Brooklyn Railway Station. The square building in the background is the Anglers Rest Hotel (aka Danglers Rest), my home for two nights


A short 55-minute train ride from Central got me to the small riverside "village" of Brooklyn where I took a room at the Anglers Rest (aka Danglers Rest).

The beer was cold, the food excellent, the staff friendly, and the room clean and comfortable. And with a reading light above the bed and the room facing the back, I was able to do some quiet reading ☺

I had brought plenty of reading material, however, should I need some more, there was a second-hand bookshop with the inspired name Broken Spines conveniently located just across the street.

Of course, the reason I had come to Brooklyn was to join the Riverboat Postman who had provided this essential service to river communities since 1910, bringing mail, milk, groceries and newspapers on a daily Monday-to-Friday river run. In the 1960s, someone had the bright idea of taking passengers aboard to absorb the wonderful scenery as the Riverboat Postman travels from settlement to settlement.

It was Sunday and their "office", a parked truck by the jetty, would not be open until Monday morning, and so I just walked around the "village", taking in the sights and sounds.

Not much had changed since I last visited Brooklyn in the last 1970s, except for a huge marina which had been built some twenty-five years ago and which now dominated - no, intimated - the neighbourhood.

The other sign of "progress" was the presence of two real estate agents: Hawkesbury River Real Estate who set up shop in 1979, and the Johnny-come-lately Riverfront Real Estate.

A cold beer and a well-done T-bone steak and salad at the pub's restaurant saw me through the rest of the day until I would join the Riverboat Postman next morning.

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