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Sunday, July 5, 2015

It's tax time again!


There was a time when you could pick up your blank tax return form from any post office. Any number of copies. They just sat there on the floor and you helped yourself.

Then the post office stopped supplying them and you had to go to your local newsagent. Again, they just sat there on the floor and you helped yourself to any number of copies you wanted.

Then, for the last couple of years, you had to order them through the Australian Taxation Office's website and waited for a couple of weeks before they arrived in the mail. That's stopped, too.

Now you go to the Australian Taxation Office's website, download the form (if you know where to find it, that is), and print it out on your own printer at your own expense!

As a former tax agent, I am happy to make things easier for you and so I've already downloaded the form for you here. All 16 pages of it!

The last page has been left blank, presumably for you to add your own personal notes of endearment to the taxman. No wonder it's marked "Sensitive (when completed)" at the bottom.

When you've worked out your taxable income, click here to find out how much it's going to cost you.

P.S. Need help? Read through this lot. And here is your supplementary section, should you need it (confusingly, it's also included in the 16 pages).