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Friday, July 24, 2015

More memories

Yours truly as an eighteen-year-old paymaster in a mobile construction office in 1963 or 1964 somewhere in northern Germany. We were building the 'Autobahn' from Hannover to Bremen and every couple of months our mobile office would follow the work crew up the line. Visible in the background is a double-decker bed and a kerosene heater on which I cooked and washed up because my office was also my home. 'On-the-job living' and 'sleeping on the job' taken to extremes! ☺


Today's generation, thanks to free digital photography, will be able to look through hundreds, if not thousands, of photos when they get to my age. We in post-war Germany needed every 'Pfennig' just to feed ourselves and there was little left for anything else, least of all photography.


In the Harz Mountains near Königslutter with my stepsister Karin,
my stepbrother Borkhardt, and my stepmother. I'm on the right.


I can count on one hand the few photos I have of my own childhood.


I am on the left behind the 'Beetle"; Borkhardt and my sister Bärbel
are sitting on top of the car.


With so few photos left, even the not-so-decent ones have become precious. ☺



Ah well, not much to look at, is there? ☺