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Friday, October 23, 2015

A letter from Germany to Australia

To the people of Australia,

I am glad you don't have to witness the last months in our country.

I do not recognise the home of our fathers any more.

Since our Chancellor Merkel announced that everyone is welcome, 10,000 people or more each day are flocking here.

From Munich they are distributed all over the country.

Official estimates range from 800,000 till end of year, unofficial numbers go up to 1.5 million.

Not one of the illegal immigrants should be entitled to come here and receive welfare, health care and housing. It happens anyway.

Merkel talks about our 'god-given task' in her last declaration to the people.

What is her god then?

We have no jobs for them and not enough housing for all of them - or for the others still to come. If you point this out, you are a Nazi and are silenced.

If you are not self employed or jobless, you better shut your mouth. Dissenters are not welcome.

The officials are overworked to register the immigrants and to check if they are terrorists.

There are reports about rapes and attacks in the camps. We do not know how much of this is real, propaganda or counter-propaganda.

Riots between Muslims and Christians are reported and documented on youtube. Right now there are only demonstrations in the east of Germany against this corruption of the law.

The people from the East remember state oppression quite well and are more prone to stand up against the government.

Here in Munich there were only small demonstrations.

The region is rich. They don´t feel the concurrence for housing and jobs yet. There is some minor indignation because German people have lost their public housing to refugees, in Heidenau for example, but you don´t read much about this. Just in the local media or if you are searching for it on the internet.

If you address this on Facebook with your community: Bingo, you´re a Nazi.

Letters to your elected MP and other representatives have no effect. Either they do not answer or promise to answer sometime.

Refugees are wandering unregistered across the Republic. One high official of Munich admitted a loss of 30% from the drop to the pick-up there.

Police are overworked in at least one region. At least this is admitted.

It is impossible to check for all terrorists. We don´t have enough manpower for this. If you point this out: Bingo, you're a Nazi.

You lose friends who disagree with you. If you address your concerns, that maybe 0.8 - 1.5 million additional mostly male and Muslim illegal immigrants might not be too good for this country: Bingo, you're a Nazi.

Merkel met with Mr. Zuckerberg from Facebook to censor 'hate comments'. She clearly was raised in a communist country and began her career there. She cannot tolerate free speech.

According to our Constitution, any endangerment to the current order and safety of our state may be met by citizen's resistance if all other measures fail. This is the citizen's duty and right.

When you point this out you are ridiculed in the press.

Don't hold your breath while you are waiting for the outcome of the litigations of the High Court.

At least one Mayor of a major city left the Socialist Party, because he couldn't be silenced by his comrades.

He spoke out that we cannot take any more. In several cities there are laws to expropriate empty flats and commercial buildings to house refugees.

What will happen when winter, with -15 deg., arrives and 1 million immigrants are still in tents?

Even if you disown the land owners to build low-cost housing, my estimate just for this year is 40,000,000,000 EUR ( 800,000 people x 50,000 EUR just to build some shabby high-rise).

No one asked the people here if they want to have ghettos littered all across the land and to house everyone from all over the world.

Who will tell these people the truth that there are no jobs for them here?

Who pays the tab as soon all of these people get their families here, who are after a while entitled to healthcare and free housing and some cash every month?

The police union leader admitted that there are 'no-go' areas in German cities now and asked for a reduction of immigration and a border fence . He wasn't heard.

The only thing I asked for the rest of my life is to make love to my woman, have a drink some times and have a quiet life.

My plans are foiled now.

We expect riots and even civil war now.

Myself, I want to make a stand. I won't emigrate.

As my dear friend Stefanie once said (as I remember it): "We are Prussians, we speak the truth and charge from the front. If there is a God may he help us."

These will be troublesome times.



Source http://zanettisview.com/