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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Paradise Found


On a scale of one to ten, the "Croc Woman" Linda Rowe's booklet probably doesn't warrant more than a minus-five if judged solely on its literary merit but it is interesting to read about other people's unconventional lives.

Things should have become more interesting after Linda's partner had headed back to Cairns - or as Linda described it, "as Ken approached forty, he seemed to change, and suddenly a friend's 21-year-old daughter looked attractive. She was followed by someone else, and someone else" - and left Linda and her Croc Shop in splendid isolation.

Unfortunately, at that point the booklet has just another four pages to run before Linda, two years on, relocates to her permanent "Croc Shop" in Cooktown where I met her in January 2007 when she was already in her late 50s and, like the rest of us, complained about the cost of electricity and contributed towards her superannuation.

The unconventional life seems to have an inbuilt use-by date. Mine had!