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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Are we all insane?

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Remember "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"? Well, the powerful documentary The Marketing of Madness is far more frightening!

It weighs in at nearly three hours, but if you have ever taken or are likely to take psychiatric drugs, you should watch it all the way to the end. I've never taken a pep pills or anything of that kind in my life and I certainly never will after having watched this documentary!

Life's problems are NOT medical disorders; they're just that: life's problems which we were told to "cure" with bleeding, then by having certain organs cut out, later by having our brain functions altered, but now we are told by Big Pharma to simply pop a pill.

Are you feeling shy? You are suffering from a social anxiety disorder. Pop a pill!

Feeling a bit slack and listless? You've got it bad, you know, because you have a motivational deficiency disorder. Pop a pill!

Homesick? Sorry but you have a separation anxiety disorder. Pop a pill!

Feeling suspicious? You have paranoid personality disorder. Pop a pill!

And feeling just a bit up and down about life's ups and downs? Sorry, old bean, but you're bipolar. Pop a pill!

This film includes massive documentation that cannot be refuted, and covers everything from road rage (a crime dressed up as a mental disorder) to nonsense like compulsive shopping disorder (invented by a drug company shill) to Internet addiction disorder (originally a joke), fraudulent clinical trials, placebo washout, and the Rosenhan experiment.

It tackles the dangerous lunacy of medicating the young, branding them as suffering from all manner of imaginary disorders, explains how often mental disorders, so-called, are linked to real problems in our lives, and finally gives a short overview of treating disturbed people without frying their brains with dangerous drugs that can shorten their lives, drive them to despair, suicide, or even to mass murder.

To go by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM, aka 'Diagnostic Source of Money' by your friendly psychiatrist), every single person in the world could be said to have some sort of mental disorder. After all, homosexuality was listed as a “sociopathic personality disorder” when the DSM was first published in 1952, and remained so until 1973.

Hoarding has been added to its latest edition, the DSM-5, which makes me as mad as the next person because I love my books and I have hoarded thousands of them! ☺\

Big Pharma now has a pill for every ill. Is there one for hoarding?