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Monday, August 15, 2016

A convenience truth


I'm no user of public conveniences, mainly because I don't have to as I seldom leave "Riverbend", but also because I don't want to. However, on today's trip to Ulladulla the 'I don't want to' became an urgent 'I have to' and I used one.

Nothing out of the ordinary except for the huge padlock on the rolls of toilet paper which, in this country of abundant wealth, I would hardly have thought worth stealing but who knows what goes on behind closed doors: when opportunity knocks, people knock things off.

After this roadside education, I went for even more when I chose the books at my favourite bookshop Vinnies: George Soros' The Age of Fallibility - The Consequences of the War on Terror and Buffet - The Making of an American Capitalist by Roger Lowenstein plus The (MIS)BEHAVIOUR OF MARKETS - A Fractal View of Risk, Ruin and Reward by Benoit B. Mandelbrot and Richard L. Hudson. And, for some light relief (the second time today), A.C. Grayling's The Challenge of Things - Thinking Through Troubled Times and E. Annie Proulx's Postcards (she of The Shipping News fame).

Enough reading material to spend some quiet time on the recently built benches.