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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Home is the hunter, home from the op-shop (and the Ulladulla swimming pool)


Our favourite op-shop has gone down-market and now even gives things away for free, although there was nothing that attracted my attention except this redundant apostrophe.

I did find a few things elsewhere: two 'Miss Marple' DVDs, 'Open All Hours' with Ronnie Barker, and the old Gregory Peck & Audrey Hepburn classic 'Roman Holiday'.

And a few more books, of course: 'A Fragile Paradise - Nature and Man in the Pacific' by Andrew Mitchell, the Eric Newby memoir 'A Small Place in Italy', and 'Mailman of the Birdsville Track - The Story of Tom Kruse', of which I already have the movie 'Back of Beyond'.

Which just leaves the garbage bin to be taken out for tomorrow morning's collection and that's it for another week at "Riverbend".