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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A tale of non-running repairs


My new Husqvarna YTH2242TDRF ride-on mower has been a great improvement on the previous model which seemed to throw off its drive belt every time it came even near a small stick in the grass.

The new mower's design protects the drive belt better but it comes at a price: when the inevitable does happen - as it did a couple of days ago - it means a complete removal of the cutting deck to reach the belt.

Stage 1: "to remove the mower, disconnect front link (E) from mower". Front link (E) consists of bushing (O, nut (P), and jam nut (Q) which left me in a jam as (Q) wouldn't budge. Urgent message to Ben, the mechanic: "The jam nut (Q) is so tight that I find it impossible to turn it before I can even reach the nut (P). I sprayed it with some WD40 but it won't budge. Is it possible that it was overtightened when it was installed? Or is there a 'trick' to removing it?"

Stage 2: No reply from Ben so, after an extra-powerful breakfast and more WD40, I tried again - and jam nut (Q) budged and, like Galileo, I muttered, "And yet it moves". Message to Ben: "Please ignore my first message".

Stage 3: Having found that the drive belt had slipped off the clutching idler (Fig.37, item D, on page 24 of manual), I was able to roll it back onto it but, before putting the mover deck back on, I started the engine to see if the mower moves. It didn't! Urgent message to Ben: "Started the engine and tried to drive mower but it won't move. Did I overlook something?"

Stage 4: No reply from Ben, so if in doubt read the manual. Page 29 'Troubleshooting Points' says to check that freewheel control is in 'disengaged' position if mower does not drive. Freewheel control? Oh, that small lever between the backwheels! It's pulled out. Pulled out means 'freewheel engaged'. Push it in. Start the engine. Mower works. Message to Ben" "PLEASE IGNORE MESSAGE! Everything working; forgot to disengage freewheel control!"

I guess I won't get a job as a mechanic anytime soon ☺