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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Another blast from the Barton House past!

Barton House AFL team: Dennis Everitt, front row second from left;
Merv Quine, back row, third from right

Picnic on the front lawn of Barton House; Colleen Murray in white dress, second from right

Soaking up the sun on the front steps of Barton House:
half of yours truly, Colleen Murray, her roomie Dulcie, and Denva Boardman

Don’t know the blonde; Graham Leahy, Dennis Everitt and “Little John”

Sunday afternoon cricket on the back lawn of Barton House (houses across the road are long gone as is Barton House itself). Colleen Murray fielding in slips, wickie was “Little John” Mathis (ex CBC Kingston?), and Merv Quine making a spectacular shot


A former colleague from my 'Bank Johnny' days in 1969, Colleen Murray, sent me these old photos in response to my Barton House webpage. They're absolute gems!

So many familiar faces but, of course, being a 'Kraut', I wasn't really one of the crowd. I mean, their football was nothing like German soccer, and cricket - well, if throwing a little red ball as hard as a rock at your opponent is your idea of fun, then cricket is your game.

Although, judging by the half-impression I give in the third photo, I seemed to have made an attempt at integration by wearing white socks which would've started another war in the old country ☺

These photos were taken in December 1969, just weeks before I left for Papua New Guinea, thence the rest of the world. On a brief return to Australia, I met Dennis Everitt again in 1981 at the ANZ Bank's Townsville branch.

Thanks for the memories, Colleen!

Here are a couple more shots from my own collection:

Some of the "Bank Johnnies" in 1967 outside Barton House

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P.S. ... and here are some cuttings from the staff newspaper of the day - proof, if ever proof was needed, that the ANZ Bank was very popular with male customers: