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Friday, September 9, 2016

Humour is the ability to see three sides to one coin


During a rare visit to the Bay's shopping centre, I noticed that Coles now offers its customers 'disabled trolleys'. What are they? Do they have a wheel missing or something? And why would anybody want one?

And how many disabled trolleys are there? And can they claim a disability support pension? And if so, is it as unsustainable as the government's other disability support pension which now costs the country an annual $17 BILLION, having grown from 168,784 ­recipients in 1975 to 824,470 recipients four decades later?

Eight out of 10 income taxpayers - and I am one of them - are now funding the nation's 240 million welfare payments annually, amounting to a total of $190 BILLION.

There are now 824,470 people claiming the Disability Support Pension and 727,778 claiming the Newstart Allowance. Then there are 2.4 million claiming the aged pension and 3.9 million with a pension concession card.

Eight out of 10 income taxpayers go to work every day just to pay our $190 billion welfare bill.

By comparison, our defence budget is a mere $32.4 billion for 2016/2017. Let's cut it completely and let somebody invade us because only some outside force can clean up this welfare mess. ☺

I haven't seen a disabled trolley yet but I personally know several disabled people who have for decades suffered from a terribly disabling disorder known as sluggish cognitive tempo (SCT) which means they can't get out of bed when others go to work.

Apparently, this disorder gets worse as time goes on and the only known cure is to cut off the fortnightly Disability Support Pension which is $794.80 for a single and $1,198.20 for a couple plus various cash supplements and free this and free that and something else.

Beats collecting disabled trolleys for a living!