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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Like ducks in a row


Returning home, I spotted this SOLD sign: # 29 Sproxton Lane (RED ARROW), which had been on the market for $825,000 as a 'renovator's delight', has found a new owner at $750,000. That's pretty much land value as the vacant block next to it, # 31 Sproxton Lane, is also for sale at $750,000.

Like ducks in a row, # 27 Sproxton Lane sold in June for $1.7 million (which is a lot of money for an albeit lovely house on just 1700 square metres), # 29 Sproxton Lane has now been sold (to the same people who bought # 27), and # 31 and # 33 had a bit of a sales history - click here - with # 31 Sproxton Lane again for sale after # 33 Sproxton Lane had sold in May last year for $799,000.

Some strange arithmetic: 27+29=2.45million (sold in 2016); 31+33=1.7million (sold in 2011)

Which leaves just "Riverbend" on its magnificent seven acres, reaching from "33" all the way around the bend and off the photo and back onto the photo, at a mere $1,925,000.