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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Do you ever have too much shelf space?


Definitely not in my workshop! Being able to spread out and having all the tools and screws and bolts and nuts in their proper places makes for much more enjoyable and faster work. Not that 'faster' is the operative word; after all, this is retirement and pottering is what it's all about.

And what's that odd caneball hanging down from a string, I hear you ask. It's the Burmese equivalent of our rugby league: chinlone, a traditional ballgame in which the ball must never touch the ground. And in keeping with the happy disposition of those gentle people, there are no opposing teams and no winning or losing.

Now my caneball hangs in my workshop to remind me of happier times and so as not to knock my head on the tools hanging above.

You always learn something when reading my blog, don't you? ☺