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Friday, October 14, 2016

A piece of Saudi Arabia in suburban Australia


Australia has its first faith-based Muslim-only housing estate in the Melbourne suburb of Melton. It's a 75-lot development which has been sold under Sharia finance.

Sharia law prohibits Muslims borrowing money where interest is payable (well, they simply jack up the purchase price to include all the interest upfront; it's a bit like drinking from a bottle of beer wrapped in a brown paperbag: you don't see the label but it's still beer).

Developer Amanar Rahman said the $2.4 million parcel was sold to buyers who wanted to live with other Muslims. There are also plans to build a mosque at the centre of the land.

The development has only one road in and out. Conveniently it has already been named Ayesha Avenue. Ayesha is the name of the wife of the prophet Mohammed, who married Ayesha when she was just 6 years old.

Are you reading this, Pauline Hanson?

Meanwhile, in other news just in it has been reported that a jihadist has been run over by his ex-girlfriend which goes to show that even in a male-dominated society like Islamic State brokenhearted females can get their revenge:

WARNING: Graphic images