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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Eine Insel nur für uns


Nina and Adrian have written a book about their 'house-sitting' experience on tiny Telekivava'u Island in the Kingdom of Tonga in 2011. In it they make themselves look late latter-day Robinson Crusoes and call it 'eine wahre Geschichte' (a true story). Is it?

Okay, they make no secret of having taken with them enough drugs to start their own chemist shop - see here - and don't hide the fact that they bought every last available roll of toilet paper in Tonga - see here - before landing on their 'secret island' - which isn't all that secret but a luxurious retreat which the Lonely Planet Travel Guide described as "probably the most exclusive and beautiful accommodation in Tonga ... one for celebrities".


The 'kleine Hütte' (3.20) has no kitchen; it is the kitchen.
Yes, they cooked in it but they lived in the sumptious Villa Mamana


They're trying to convince their readers that they sheltered (and sweltered) in a small hut ('eine kleine Holzhütte') which the island's owners had left for them. Would you call this a small hut?


Villa Mamana on the island of Telekivava'u in the Kingdom of Tonga


Or this?



They never mention the four-poster bed and the marble-clad en suite bathroom ...



... nor the comfortable lounge and sitting room and polished-floor verandahs. Do they look 'hut-like' to you?



Well, the truth is that Nina und Adrian lived in the lap of luxury while 'house-sitting' on Telekivava'u Island. The owners gave them permission to live in their palatial Villa Mamana in exchange for keeping an eye on the place while they were away. Robinson Crusoe with his Girl Friday? I don't think so!

Having read a few pages, I don't think I'll bother with the rest of the book but move straight on to "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen".

Here is the website of Villa Mamana.

And here is some more information to set the record straight.