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Friday, October 14, 2016

The New Great Wall of China


Encumbered as I am with dog, property and wife (cleverly arranged in alphabetical order so as not to give away which is my greatest encumbrance), I have for some time been a mental traveller - some people in their description of me leave out the word 'traveller' altogether - and at the moment I am way up the Yangtze, at the Three Gorges Dam - or on page 235 of The River at the Centre of the World.

There are almost another two hundred pages to go but I'm taking it slowly as I don't want the journey to end too soon. I take frequent breaks during which I listen to Mozart, munch on some of his 'Kugeln', and wash them down with a glass (or two) of Chateau d'Cardboard.

As evidenced by this morning's arrival of the garbage truck and the late-afternoon's far-off and only faintly audible wooshing sound of hundreds of Canberra cars lemminglike rushing across the bridge towards the sea, this must be Friday and the end of another week in Paradise. And what an enjoyable week it has been!