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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

To sleep, perchance to dream

"This is a Tontine fresh pillow. With normal use we suggest changing it by November 2012"


Those prescription drugs - Moxiclav ® Duo Forte 875/125, or antibiotics for short - I'm taking twice a day for five days following the tooth extraction are knocking the life out of me. I've always been a bad sleeper but after taking these drugs, I just want to sleep all the time.

And it's not a peaceful sleep as I discovered this morning when I found I had stripped half the bed, including the pillowcase, revealing the message "This is a Tontine fresh pillow. With normal use we suggest changing it by November 2012".

No wonder I've had trouble going to sleep all these years: I exceeded my pillow's 'sleep-by'-date! So in order to continue my newly-found sleep pattern, I either keep taking those Moxiclav-whatever pills or I buy myself a new Tontine pillow.

This commercial ploy of giving even the innocent pillow a use-by-date gives me the proverbial but before I condemn the good people at Tontine, let me check the label on the inside of my underpants: "These are fresh underpants. With normal use we suggest changing them by .."