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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

W.T.F. (Will Trump Flourish or fail?)


He Trumped them all! The human Molotov cocktail won! The Deplorables won! Welcome to TrumpLand! Welcome to the biggest changes in many decades in existing US ­arrangements on everything from taxation policy, to trade policy and ­social spending, immigration and geopolitics. Trade wars instead of military wars. It's the end of political correctness and the end of politics as we know it. In short: a breath of fresh air.

These guys had their money on Clinton - click here. TOUGH! And I guess all those so-called Global Warming scientists will have to look for work at McDonalds or stack shelves at Woolworths. The Cold War, terrorism, global warming, mass migrations - whatever it takes to keep the voters off balance to make them more governable.

We live in interesting times and I'm glad to be around to still see it.

P.S. So how does America choose its President?

To win the election, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump needed to pick up at least 270 (out of a total of 538) votes in what's called the electoral college.

Each state of the US is allocated a certain number of those 538 critical votes; you can see the full breakdown below:

Whichever candidate wins a state gets all of that state's votes (as always in these things, yes, there are exceptions: in Maine and Nebraska, electoral college votes can be split two-to-one).