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Today's quote:

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Devine [sic] Miranda


The earth has shaken and the stars have realigned. A great force has arrived to rescue Western civilisation and its name is Trump, Donald J. Trump."

So wrote Miranda Devine in the Daily Telegraph, and she goes on: "Example: On the ABC News Radio website, a poll asked: “How do you feel about Donald Trump’s victory as US President-elect?” Elated, concerned, terrified, confident or anxious?

The answer chosen by 49 per cent of respondents was … drum roll … “elated”, with “concerned” a distant second.

Elated about Trump’s victory! On the ABC. Amazing.

Example: Bill Leak’s feckless tormentor, Melissa Dinnison, who alleged she had suffered racial hatred from a cartoon, dropped her 18C complaint.

The Citadel cracked. The Dow Jones soared to all-time highs.

For the first time since the Left staged its “long march” through our institutions, its tools of ­tyranny are crumbling.

Political correctness, identity politics, cultural Marxism, victim feminism, all kryptonite to the soul of Western civilisation, are under threat.

Brexit was just the prelude to this glorious global revolution of the deplorables.

Hungarian President Viktor Orban defined Trump’s victory as “a historic event, in which Western civilisation appears to successfully break free from the confines of an ideology”.

And so, of course, the Left had a massive tantrum which exposed its ghastliness, its entitled, hate-filled, self-obsessed intolerance.

Assassination threats filled ­social media, including from a Guardian journalist, who promptly deleted her account. Shocked media clowns, such as the newly minted Senator Derryn Hinch, compared Trump’s ­victory with the 9/11 ­terrorist attacks.

The sore losers rioted in the streets and burned Trump in effigy, chanting “Dump Trump” and “Not my President”.

They blindly trashed their own patch, the cities that voted for Clinton.

They burned the flag, broke ­windows, smashed police cars, blocked traffic, beat up suspected Trump supporters and faked hate crimes, thus confirming the ­wisdom of each and every Trump vote.

If these are the people who hate Trump, then whose side are you on? My enemy’s enemy is my friend.

More confirmation that America made the right decision came from the jazz hands and trigger-warning crowd, who plunged into a state of psychic despair, dubbed Trump-ression.

American universities had to deploy therapy dogs and Play-Doh to calm the nerves of the “snowflake” generation.

Cornell University staged a “cry-in to mourn the results of the (election), with school staff providing tissues and hot chocolate,” ­reported The Wall Street Journal.

At the University of Michigan, fragile students comforted themselves with colouring-in books.

If this is the future of Western civilisation, no wonder Middle America revolted.

Trump derangement syndrome jumped the oceans, too, with ­reports of schoolchildren in Sydney bursting into tears and going home early because they’re frightened that Trump will start World War III.

Of course it’s child abuse for their parents and teachers to plant such ideas, just as they did a decade ago when they scared children witless with apocalyptic global warming prophecies.

Undeterred by its abject failure to predict anything other than a Clinton clean sweep, The Sydney Morning Herald ran an obvious hoax story from a Twitter parody account as legitimate news: “Reports from Trump Tower in New York … saw large angry groups chanting ‘We hate Muslims, we hate blacks, we want our great country back’.”

It never happened, but what better example of the degeneracy of the Western world’s prestige media, exposed by WikiLeaks and the status-seeking bias of journalists who handed debate questions to Hillary Clinton so she could cheat, cravenly sought story ­approval from her campaign and painted Trump as an impossible gargoyle?

“Hug your loved ones”, wrote The Australian’s Peter van Onselen, threatening to tear up his American passport. Mamamia publisher Mia Freedman wailed she was “heartsick and despondent” about the “Trumpocalypse” and urged readers to call Lifeline.

It was laughable.

But Malcolm Turnbull’s ­lugubrious tone when announcing Trump’s victory also signalled something more serious than the neuroses of pampered leftists: the threat Trumpism poses to establishment politicians.

Continue to ignore the “forgotten men and women” at your peril.

Never-Trumpers — represented in politics across the Left, the pointless marshmallow centre and the craven right — are shocked by the US election result because the people they unjustly dismiss as ­racist, sexist, Islamophobic, homophobic, transphobic bigots were ­silent. They didn’t express themselves to pollsters or journalists.

They barely dared to put a Trump sign in their front yard or a “Make America Great Again” bumper sticker on their car.

Even in Australia friends avoided the topic for fear of social ostracism.

Only in the remaining oasis of democracy, the polling booth, did the silenced majority feel free to express themselves.

That’s what you get when you silence dissent with political correctness, when you ban speakers from university campuses, make social status dependent on virtue-­signalling, traduce religious conservatives, and stack your media organisations with groupthink elitists.

Trump the Vulgarian is an unlikely saviour of Western civilisation, but Christians, who were key to his victory (over abortion, religious freedom and the Supreme Court), liken him to the Roman emperor Constantine.

Similarly a vainglorious egoist, Constantine nonetheless saved the Roman Empire, and liberated Christianity. “Constantine was no ­pillar of virtue, but he ­created the environment which gave Christians the freedom to ­influence society,” wrote Christian website ­MercatorNet.

Freedom is nigh! Drain the swamp."

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