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Monday, November 7, 2016

Bali Bye!


I travel because I like to move from place to place. I enjoy the sense of freedom it gives me, it pleases me to be rid of ties, responsibilities, duties, I like the unknown; I meet odd people who amuse me for a moment ... ; I am often tired of myself and I have a notion that by travel I can add to my personality and so change myself a little. I do not bring back from a journey quite the same self that I took.

Not my words but Somerset Maugham's, however, I fully agree with his sentiment. I, too, often tire of myself and have the notion that by moving from place to place I may change myself a little.

But most of all I like to meet new people, so when in May 2014 I visited Dangar Island in the Hawkesbury River - click here - , I was delighted to run into Peter and Lynda Wolfe who had also spent time in Saudi Arabia - they in Riyadh, I in Jeddah - and who, six years earlier and for the mere bagatelle of $1.44 million, had bought this little Bali-inspired beauty.

Living in their beautiful island home on Sydney's doorstep, it looked like Journey's End for them, but I've just discovered that they put it up for auction on the 3rd of December - click here. I've never been quite sure what made me tick - although I knew there was something wrong with my clock - when, time and time again, I suddenly relocated; so, seeing others do the same makes me feel slightly better.

I emailed Peter a short "Why? And where are you heading next?", to which he replied: "We are now starting year 7 in the house and that is a long time for us to be anywhere. We have enjoyed our river experience and now have decided to do the rural thing before its too late. We are looking for about 12 acres within 3 hours of Sydney."

Well, Peter and Lynda, I read somewhere that, on average, Australians buy and sell their home every seven years, so you're right on average. As for 'the rural thing', after twenty-three years at "Riverbend", I know all about 'the rural thing', so if you need my advice - which is free, abundant and probably totally useless - fire away.

P.S. If Dangar Island sounds like your cup of milky tea, why don't you buy Peter & Lynda's home? I promise to be a regular guest ☺