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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Stormy weather


Wild winds and stormy weather following torrential rains caused a giant tree to fall across our powerline. ESSENTIAL ENERGY were on the job the very same day.



Reconnecting our house to the last power pole was a private matter which required a so-called Level 2 electrician and two days' waiting time during which we made use of the brandnew generator acquired after the New Year's Eve bushfires. If nothing else, it kept the fridge and freezer going and allowed us to made the occasional cup of tea.



Joel and his offsider Sunny of South Coast Level 2 - an odd name for a very efficient operator - were on the job and within a few hours had us up and humming again.

It wasn't cheap but certainly worth the wait; after all, what's life worth without television, the radio, or - God help us! - without the internet?

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