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Thursday, July 30, 2020

The Dragons and the Snakes: how the Rest learned to fight the West

‘Disturbingly brilliant. David Kilcullen, ever the thoughtful observer of wars and the people who wage them, captures the changes in warfare that already confound — and threaten to overwhelm us. He correctly shows that we are mentally and physically unprepared for the new nature of conflict, and will likely pay dearly for it.’


An Australian soldier who accidentally became a top security advisor to the US military has written a new book about the future of warfare.

It's called "The Dragons and The Snakes" and it documents the fall and rise of superpowers, and the emergence of small but highly dangerous guerilla and terrorist groups that learned how to take on the West with agile units and much cheaper and tech savvy equipment.

Author, David Kilcullen spoke with Zoe Daniel in The Drawing Room about his latest book, how Russia and China have been expanding while the US has been distracted by domestic politics, and the huge dangers coronavirus presents to global stability.

Listen to it here. For a preview of the book, click here.

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