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Today's quote:

Monday, April 4, 2022

"Not dead yet. He just loves plaques."


This plaque adorns the Cotford Hotel, a bed-and-breakfast place in Malvern in the United Kingdom. It tells us everything there is to know about the place and thus represents the highest density of information yet encountered.

I'm a sucker for plaques. I had one on my house in Canberra for twenty years to justify my $125-an-hour charge-out rate. Now that I'm retired, there's nothing to justify, and I thought of putting up a plaque that simply read, "Peter Goerman - Not dead yet. He just loves plaques."

But how much nicer it would be to stick one on the gate that read, "On this site nothing has happened since 23 November 1993", summing up what "Riverbend" is all about - a retreat from the big bad world outside.

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