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Saturday, April 9, 2022

The ABC of Life


As for your ABC I gave up watching it a long time ago", wrote an old friend from my days in New Guinea who'd just moved up to Cairns. Okay, so that's ABC Television but what about ABC Radio National? I mean, I would've been dead without it a long time ago - well, brain-dead!

What other programmes are there on the radio that could compete with "The Philosopher's Zone", "Rear Vision", "All in the Mind", "Background Briefing", "Big Ideas", "Between the Lines", "Blueprint for Living", and many others? (see here) ABC Radio National is a 24-hour cerebral feast.

A bit like Hitler's "Volksempfänger" (look it up!), all the radios in our house are permanently tuned into ABC Radio National. And if I ever miss something I'm really interested in, there are always the podcasts. And then, at ten past ten, I enjoy my nightcap with Phillip Adams who's just celebrated his thirtieth anniversary of presenting Late Night Live.

I envy my friend his relocation to tropical Cairns, but pity him for missing out on the joys of ABC Radio National. Want me to send you a "Volksempfänger" permanently tuned into ABC Radio National, mate?

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