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Friday, April 1, 2022

Tales from the Torrid Zone

Read the book online at www.archive.org


On a cool and blustery morning, I was looking for some more South Sea island writing to keep me warm, when I came across Alexander Frater's book "Tales from the Torrid Zone".

Alexander Frater was born in what were then the New Hebrides, and reading his book and listening to his podcast, I was transported back to those languid days sitting in the Rossi Hotel on Port Vila's waterfront.

View from the Rossi Hotel, Port Vila waterfront

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I forgot everything around me; I even forgot to check the sharemarket but when I eventually did, I saw that BHP had gone up another seventy cents, which meant I could easily afford to buy the book on ebay.

With the winds still blowing and being in need of more bibliotherapy, I also lashed out on "Best South Sea Stories" and "The Forgotten One, and other true Tales of the South Seas". I could've read both books online but you know me: I do need the tactile experience of the book in my hand.

It's after four o'clock now and the market has closed. BHP finished 64 cents up for the day which means my three purchases are paid for. All I have to do now is wait for the three parcels to arrive in my mailbox.

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