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Monday, June 22, 2009

Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice time is here within the Southern Hemisphere,
And so my heart beats to the tune of this the shortest day in June.

Hence welcoming more daylight hours, as Earth the sunshine's kiss devours,
My mind strays to the ancient rites in northern lands of darkest nights

Where Winter Solstice sanctifies the manner of the Dark's demise,
And rebirth of the Sun whose rays revitalise Earth's drab malaise.

This mystery in ancient times gave rise to rituals and rhymes,
Imploring of the gods to grant fertility to man and plant.

The Celtic Druids glorified the sun god as their spirit guide
As by the fire's glow enticed, they feasted, chanted, sacrificed.

So did the Romans, Greeks and Norse celebrate Earth's turning force,
When Dark was conquered by the Light: a new beginning clear and bright.

The ancient monuments attest to age-old cultures in the quest
To understand Earth's mysteries where gods were keepers of the keys.

Then Christians joined to celebrate the birth of Him they venerate;
Decrying pagan liturgies, but bound in abstract elegies.

This land they call Down Under knows no days where Darkness overflows
To smother Light and sunshine's fire, adrift in melancholy's mire.

But we can still our mind's attune, on this the shortest day in June,
To rituals of ancient days: the rebirth of the sunshine's rays.

So as each year the cycle spins, we contemplate our origins,
As lives revolve on hope that Light will overcome the darkest night.

by Vivienne Ledlie