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Monday, December 1, 2014

I'm $536 better off now than I was this morning


Remember the broken-down washing machine I was telling you about? Well, wearing my last clean shirt, I drove into the Bay this morning to buy a new one at Harvey Norman.

Back at Riverbend, I couldn't move the old one out of the laundry past the toilet bowl (yes, we have a toilet in the laundry for 'emergencies' ☺), so I decided to wait for tomorrow's delivery of the new machine when I would ask the driver to help me lift the old one over the toilet.

What do they say about idle hands? I don't know who or what made me do it but I just happened to turn on the old machine and - guess what? - it works!!! It works! It washes, it spins, it dries; it's as good as new!

I don't think you've ever seen a man run to the phone so fast to call Harvey Norman. "Could you please cancel my purchase of a SIMPSON washing machine for $536?" "Sure, no problem, but you have to come in for a refund." Which I will do tomorrow morning, AFTER I've done all my washing! ☺

So here I am, $536 better off than I was this morning. (My BHP shares have since dropped another $1.65 a share to their lowest price since 2009 but I try to ignore that ...)