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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Insomnia grants us an encounter with our weirder, truer selves


It’s far into the night, but sleep won’t come. You turn over. Perhaps a different position will quieten the mind. Or maybe the other side was better after all. Know the feeling? Can't sleep at night either? Join the club!

I can't remember if I have always been an insomniac. Maybe it's an age thing - an old-age thing, to be precise - or the result of acquired habits such as drinking copious cups of black tea and listening to the ABC Radio's "Late Night Live", but I'm certainly an insomniac now.

However, there are a few benefits to sleepless nights, which we might focus on to alleviate the sheer panic that a failure to sleep can cause.

Read this article by The School of Life to leave you a little less exhausted from your insomnia - and this one - then take a nap or rest.