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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Falling share prices, rising water levels


The other way 'round would've been better but markets do what markets do and so does Mother Nature which has dished out well over 300mm of rain all of yesterday and last night.

This morning, the lower parts of "Riverbend" look more like SeaWorld and I keep an anxious eye on the upstream pump station at Brooman for its latest reading on what's coming down the Clyde River.

On a normal day, the recorded level at Brooman is around 0.7m with a flow-rate of about 100ML/day. Today's readings are:

  6am 10.16   187,713
  8am 10.32   195,661
  9am 10.36   197,442
11am 10.25   192,319
12am 10.18   188,603
  2pm   9.85   171,610
  3pm   9.69   163,633
  5pm   9.23   142,300

The level is coming down again and so is the flow rate but the next high tide around 6 p.m. determines whether the "Clubhouse" by the pond becomes Noah's Ark. ☺

In the meantime, the rain has eased to become intermittent. What a lovely word! Although, as I type this and look out the window, the rain looks more unremitting than intermitting. Even my scientifically calibrated raingauge shown below has given up gauging.