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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

LOST.DIR and Found

A recovered photo - well, sort of!


The LOST.DIR - see LOST.DIR - seems to be a system folder where the Android operating system places files that were recovered during a system boot up. It is analogous to the 'Recycle Bin' under Windows OS.

If you were saving files and suddenly the android is turned off, or you pulled the memory card out when files were being written to it, the Android system will place copies of those files in LOST.DIR so it can try and recover them next time the system starts up.

According to my world-wide friends on GOOGLE, files may end up in the LOST.DIR folder due to following reasons :

Abruptly pulling out the memory card from the Android device
         (which is what I must've done)
Interruptions while downloading files on the Android device;
Sudden freezing of the Android device's operating system;
Switching off the device while some read-write is still in progress.

And - GOOGLE tells me - the files in the directory may be recoverable but most times there's nothing at all in LOST.DIR. What to do?

I did some more GOOGLEing and found MiniTool which is a FREE data recovery software with a 1 GB limit (if you want to recover more, you have to pay US$69 for the unlimited upgrade).

Well, I managed to recover three of four or five of Venki's photos:

Venki at a beach look-out at Tuross Head

Waiting at the bus to take him home again

If I want to recover the other 900-plus photos from the memory card, I had better pay up the US$69.

P.S. Venki, the reshoot is off! ☺