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Wednesday, August 12, 2015



Perhaps I pressed the wrong button or there was some glitch, but somehow I managed to delete all photos from the memory card in my digital camera. All it shows now is an empty folder labelled LOST.DIR.

Lost indeed! Not just hundreds of photos taken over the past few years but also the handful of happy snaps I took of Venki Sankar who stayed with us last weekend.

Venki and I had first met in 1978 when Venki was the manager of PriceWaterhouse's Penang office and I was on a PriceWaterhouse team that provided consulting services to the Penang Port Commission. But let Venki's guestbook entry tell the rest of the story:

"I had a lovely relaxing weekend here and enjoyed the generosity of Padma and Peter during that time. They were both immensely generous and kind.

Riverbend Cottage is a good place to 'chill out' as my children now put it. They were not with me this time but I am sure I will return with them one day to introduce them to peace and tranquillity.

My introduction to Peter was about 35 years ago in Penang, Malaysia. I am meeting Padma for the first time now.

After Peter left Penang in 1979, I lost all contact with him until about two years ago I got an email from him inquiring if I was who he thought I was. We connected then and I am glad I kept up the contact. I am also pleased that I came down here for the weekend to enjoy the tranquillity of the place and the generosity of Padma and Peter.

I wish them well and hope to be here again soon.

Venki Sankar

So, there you have it, Venki - or rather, there you don't have it: not a single photo of your visit to Riverbend which means you simply have to come again for a reshoot! ☺

P.S. I was able to recover some of the photos - click here.