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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Sweet memories


The postman has just called to deliver a parcel full of KOPIKO, courtesy of Venki Sankar who visited us the weekend before last - see here. The accompanying letter explained it all:


My dear friends,

I got back to my daughter's home in Sydney after a very restful and pleasant stay at your home in Batemans Bay, made all the more memorable and pleasant by your wonderful hospitality.

A short thank-you is not enough to commensurate with the loving care you showered on me! So I have decided to reciprocate with something sweet that you say you love so much.

Fortunately, Vijaya arrived from Kuala Lumpur last Saturday and I was able to get her to bring with her some of your favourite Indonesian sweets to give you your caffeine-fix - KOPIKO!!!

Enjoy it while it lasts and I hope it leaves behind the same sweet taste in your mouth as I experienced with you.

If either or both of you are in Kuala Lumpur ever again, do call on me so that we can relive some the good times we had together!

Sincerely and with love,


Thanks, Venki! Your parcel arrived just in time to sweeten up an otherwise cool and grey morning.

And Venki is not the only crazy friend who does unexpected things. I've just received a 'handwritten email' from my Canadian friend Chris. Has it something to do with those long cold Canadian winters? ☺