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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

To keep or not to keep?


My best 'salesman' is this trained parrot sitting on Riverbend's front gate. I feed him well and he works well, making people stop and at least ponder, "If only I had the two million to buy this property".

However, my parrot had nothing to do with the latest inquiry received by email through www.realestate.com.au: "Hi, Is possible to obtain a copy of the sales contract via email? Thanks in advance! Regards Jason"

Turns out that Jason is the owner of a major surveying company with branches all over New South Wales. He's never been to Nelligen let alone seen Riverbend, so why the need for a copy of the sales contract before he's even seen the property? Which is what I asked him and here's his reply:

"Thanks for the swift reply, your email contained some great information. It certainly appears to be an amazing property. The reason i was hoping to obtain a copy of the contract was / is to check out title particulars and have a good look through the 149 planning certificate to check on the land zoning and other land constraints. Are you able to assist in this regard? Thanks in advance!"

To which I replied:

"In the past, I've had a number of inquiries from Canberra people who, with dollar-signs in their eyes, wanted to know how many houses they could build on the eight blocks to which I replied, 'If I had the building permits, I'd be selling off those blocks myself for over a million dollars EACH!' (the last vacant block in the lane, a mere 1500 square metres, sold for $750,000 four years ago). As it stands right now, there are no additional building permits available for "Riverbend". So, please, if you entertain any vision of obtaining building permits and making a quick buck, forget it!" (Sometimes I surprise myself that I can still walk with all those bullet holes in my feet ☺)

Still, the thought of moving house popped up again. Is there any time more stressful than that? Long gone are the days when all my worldly belongings fitted into one or two suitcases. But it's not just the packing-up, it's also the decision-making. To keep or not to keep?

Maybe, when the time comes, I’ll just whack it all into a storage unit for a while and sort it out later. Although I fear that a storage unit for me will be like my own Hotel California: 'You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave!'

Anyway, I think for the moment I can relax as I've heard no more from Jason. The $$$-signs must've gone from his eyes. ☺