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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Just looking!

sold in May 2013 for $270,000 - click here


Ever since we've been trying to sell "Riverbend", I've kept my eyes open for a suitable pied-à-terre that we could call 'home' while we still do some travelling overseas.

I checked out several places on the Queensland coast, from Cooktown down to Cairns and Kurunda, even as far inland as Yungaburra and Atherton; then on Magnetic Island and around Bundaberg and Childers.

In recent years, we visited friends on Karragarra Island - click here - and were quite taken by the sleepy and laid-back lifestyle - there's more going on in the mangroves than on the streets - on the four southern Moreton Bay Islands of Russell, Macleay, Karragarra and Lamb Island. So close to Brisbane and yet so far!

Lamb Island in particular not only attracted my attention because of its attempt to secede from Australia - read more here - but also because it offers some very affordable real estate. After having watched the above video clip, you'll agree that it was a great buy when it sold in May 2013 for $270,000. And there are many more like it!

The name Lamb Island hasn't got much of a ring to it - but then neither has the 'Independent Republic of Nguduroodistan ☺ - but the local residents seem to love it. Their blogs - here and here - suggest that they have found their personal paradise. Why, they even made a short film on the island - click here.

Take the train from Brisbane's Roma Street to Cleveland Station, then Bus 250 to Redland Bay Marina, and a waterbus or ferry to Lamb Island. Travel time about 2 hours

Perhaps I should make my move before all the positions in the new government of the 'Independent Republic of Nguduroodistan' are taken. Independence campaigner and local convenience store owner Tony Gilson says a caretaker government consisting of a king and queen, a prime minister and twenty-one ministers is already in place, and local yachtsman - and newly appointed Minister for Immigration & Maritime Border Control - Clint Mcdonald stands ready to defend the micronation's borders from invasion.

Maybe there's still a vacancy in their Ministry of Silly Walks. Failing a government position, maybe they let me join the committee of the local bowls club ☺