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Thursday, September 24, 2015

My new marketing campaign


Some of my friends thought that my real estate ad on www.realestate.com.au was a bit too "gushy", and so I've done another one in which I tell them the facts and nothing but the facts - click here:

"The current owner is getting too old to develop this property to its full potential which creates this rare buying opportunity. The owner has lived there for over twenty years and has done all the hard work and will sell as a "going concern" with all furnishings, equipment, tractor, tools, boats, etc. together with lucrative holiday letting business. Make an offer for the lot!"

I also no longer mention a price but merely state, "Offers Wanted". However, I do mention in my last bullet point that a formal valuation in 2011 came up with a value of $1.64million. That should stop the lunatic fringe from offering me an old Seagull outboard as down-payment. ☺

Should I have mentioned that I even chuck in my button accordion? ☺