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Thursday, November 19, 2020

Black Books

Episode 1 Series 1 "Cooking the Books"


On last night's HARD QUIZ, one of the contestants' special subject was "Black Books" and, as you would know by now, as soon as I heard the word 'books', my ears pricked up.

I went to YouTube, typed in "Black Books", hit the little magnifying glass, and a whole string of episodes came up. I picked the first episode in the first series (how many are there?), Cooking the Books, and was hooked.

I think it was George Mikes who gave us "Continental people have sex life; the English have hot-water bottles". Well, whatever they're missing in that department, they're making up for it with their sense of humour (and don't they need it!), as there's plenty of humour in "Black Books".

I know you'd want to watch the rest (I also know that you're bit lazy, Des), so I've listed them for you here: "Manny's First Day", "Grapes of Wrath", "The Blackout", "The Big Lockout", and "He's Leaving Home".

That seems to be all of Season 1. Explore Season 2 at your own leisure ("to every thing there is a season"). I am back at "Cooking the Books".

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P.S. When it comes to bookshops, no-one is - or rather, was - as good as Marty Feldman (remember the "At Last The 1948 Show"?)