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Monday, November 23, 2020

Keep calm! It's still a bargain!

# 19 Sproxton Lane from the air


Have you dreamed about that iconic absolute riverfront holiday home? Well this perfectly positioned large residence on the banks of the Clyde River may be the answer to your dreams. The tightly held area of Sproxtons Lane features a small group of absolute river front properties, with its own deep water wharf and a boatshed with launching options for a decent size tinnie. Just tie the cruiser up and step onto your own backyard."

So runs the advertisement for Number 19 Sproxton Lane, half a dozen houses up the lane, which listed the property for sale at $1,350,000. A couple of months and 944 page views later, it's now UNDER OFFER and, if my sources are correct, at very close to the original asking price.

That's for a relatively modest house (actually, two modest cottages joined by a common flat roof) on a narrow 20-metre wide, 1,770-square metre strip of land - for more information and photos, click here.

Compare that to Riverbend's large double-storey full-brick residence, freestanding full-brick library, guest cottage, workshop/laundry, pond house, three-bay horseshed, and two more pavillons, all tucked away from the neighbours, on over seven acres, for a touch over $2 million!

Keep calm! Riverbend is still a bargain! Just form an orderly queue!

Googlemap Riverbend


P.S. Yep, it definitely sold, on 23 November 2020, for $1,300,000!

P.P.S. The very remote property "Hawksbay", totally burnt out during last New Year's Eve bushfires, also just now sold for $1,250,000 - click here.