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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Could you spot me?


Australia’s most important job for the next 25 years is to increase its population to a point that will guarantee security from attack and full national development."

So said Immigration Minister Arthur Calwell in 1949 and set a target of 150,000 new migrants for that year. It was felt that our under-populated country needed more people to defend ourselves from the “teaming millions” in Asia and for economic growth. Immigrants from Britain and from former Allied countries and displaced person camps in Europe were encouraged to settle here, initially in jobs and locations dictated by the government, and were provided with education and training.

In Berlin in 1949

In 1949 I was still too young to answer Arthur Calwell's call ...


In Australia in 1965


... but by 1965 I'd worn out my first pair of Lederhosen and my parents' patience and was ready to respond to this promotional advertisement:



Could you spot me? I'm the one mit Sauerkraut auf den Lederhosen!

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