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Thursday, November 26, 2020

My Word!


There was a time when "My Word!" was probably the most widely-heard radio show in the world. The major part of the programme was a quiz on words and quotations, during which Frank Muir and Denis Norden were most splendidly partnered by Dilys Powell and Anne Scott-James.

A pink bowtie, aristocratic lisp, and an air force colonel manner formed the public image of Frank Muir, and as soon as he started his slow delivery - as slow as that of an inexperienced gynaecologist -, you were treated to his incomparable erudite wit, word play, and brilliant puns.

Image my delight when I found in my favourite op-shop a copy of "You Can’t Have your Kayak and Heat It", a vintage volume of tall stories and outrageous verbal slapstick drawn from the "My Word!" programme.



If only radio and television were of this quality today. I’m still waiting for pink bow ties to come back into fashion. I remember it all as sunlit and pleasant days because that's what nostalgia does. My word!

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