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Friday, February 19, 2021

The famous glass and a half


Remember those famous "glass and a half" Cadbury commercials on the then black-and-white television? I've never forgotten the good professor who roamed the world, bringing the light of science to the masses through his demonstrations in physics, with a bit of philosophy thrown in.

I no longer roam the world but I do roam the local op-shops where I found this copy of Julius Sumner Miller's autobiography. It reminds me of my early days in Australia when I watched him on a black-and-white telly from the depths of some worn-out armchair in some dimly-lit "common room" in some rundown boarding house. It brought back lots of memories of some tough but somehow happy times. As the good professor used to say before launching into an explanation of each of his fascinating scientific experiements, "Why is it so?"

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